• Georgina Pollard

I love Gospel singing :)

Hi !

How are you? How was your weekend? I hope it was restful, warm and you took some time out for yourself x

On Saturday evening I was reminded how much I love Gospel music when American Gospel performer Tasha Cobbs Leonard released a new project. It is 18 glorious minutes of worship, intercession, musicians watching their musical director eagerly as Tasha just lets rip vocally.

If you take the time to listen or watch these 18 minutes this is one take. One take means it was performed and recorded once. Most performers will take many, many, many takes in the pursuit of perfection ... Tasha achieved this moment in one take only. Also the prayers being sent up and the support of her team of backing vocalists is so enjoyable to watch.

Have you found that thing in your life which you love to bits? The thing which stirs your soul and spirit and makes your heart sing? I hope so!

Thanks Tasha .... what an encouragement to have your voice and music in my home and my life at this time. You are a joy.

Here is to more of what we love. What the world needs now is most definitely more and more love :)

Georgina xx


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