• Georgina Pollard


Updated: Jan 14, 2020

Hi :)

How are you? Are you well? What is bringing joy into your day today? Has anything made you laugh out loud lately?

So many questions.... I am always curious to hear what makes someone laugh. The strangest things can happen on a daily basis which in the moment and upon reflection are just so ridiculously funny.

This week I taught a class of Year 10 students. Even though I am a Music Teacher this was a Mathematics class. As we are fast approaching the Australian summer break classes are getting a little loose and rowdy. There were a number of silly, ridiculous, strange, funny moments in this class. I was reminded of the joyful feeling high school students begin to experience as the school year finishes. Hope of days at the beach, Christmas and New Year celebrations, 6 weeks away from school and no schoolwork for almost 2 months!

It is good to remember the simple things in life.

It is healthy to be grateful for these simple moments of freedom, joy and hope.

It is refreshing to experience the joyful ease of a healthy teenage mind.

I wish you more joy today and in the days to come.

Keep it simple :)




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