• Georgina Pollard

Slow it down x

How are you? Are you well? How are you navigating your way through the Covid 19 situation?

I hope you have found some positives in this moment in time. Of course, I am very aware many have lost their lives, their livelihoods and this virus has brought great difficulty. To those I offer my heartfelt empathy and an open heart. I don't have answers. I don't understand your pain or your path.

What I do understand is how the pace of my life has changed. Whilst I am classed as an essential worker I have chosen not to rush back into my working life. The slower pace has helped me to re-evaluate where I want to go from here. I could rush back into working five days a week but I have decided to take things a little slower. I love my job but I don't want to "be my job" :)

I am not going to make major changes. I still really enjoy being a high school teacher but I want to create room for new memories, new people and new experiences. This simply will not happen if I agree to work five days a week and return home on Friday afternoon completely devoid of any energy for myself and my two day weekend. It just hasn't been working.

Whatever path you find yourself on and wherever you find yourself today I encourage you ... don't feel the pressure to rush back into old patterns - especially if you think you deserve better. Maybe it's time for more of us to slow it down?

Much love.




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